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A letter from Todd and Dennie Zabler as written for the 2007 Banquet:

Dennie and I would like to express our appreciation for all the kindness and generosity you have all shown us through this emotional time. The sport of motocross has taken something very dear and precious to us away. But it has also given us the opportunity to meet and get to know some of the most wonderful people that anybody would ever want to meet and for that we are thankful.

Tonight, we’d like to share with you a few wonderful memories of our son Chad’s life.

Chad was born May 20, 1989 into a racing family. Grandpa had raced cars for nearly 20 years of his life, grandma did some racing of her own as well. When Chad was born his dad (Todd) was racing cars. So needless to say, racing was in the blood.

Chad started right off loving anything with wheels!! Tricycles, bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, Go Carts, and of course Motorcycles! If it had wheels on it he had to see how fast he could make it go. He loved to compete with the other kids. To this day he still holds the speed record at his high school for a homemade model truck.

At one point in his life he decided he was going to become a pro skateboarder. He did nothing but skateboard all day long. Chad struggled with reading in school but when we bought him the Tony Hawk biography book his reading skyrocketed. Then came the BMX bike racing. He loved it so much that he of course wanted to become a pro BMX racer. Through all of these different sports he had always asked his dad for a motorbike but dad didn’t think he was really ready for one. Then finally the excuses ran out and Todd finally broke down and bought him a bike. From there all he wanted to do is ride, ride, ride and of course become a pro rider. The racing gave him such a thrill. We had never seen him so happy.

The ultimate for him was the racing out of state trips we took. Chad use to do a lot of travel with us to different places in the world, but when he got hooked on this racing, he never wanted to go anywhere without his bike and a track. His life meant nothing to him without the racing. All the money he made working at the golf course went into his bikes. When we asked Chad if he had to make a choice on how to spend his money, by taking a girl out for dinner or putting that money towards the bike for a part etc, the bike always won. He would always say, Girls cost too much money! (and bikes don’t?!)

For this life that brought us so much joy we are thankful. Thankful that he was born and thankful he lived a fulfilling 17 years of life with us. He will be missed, but never forgotten.

There is a song that Garth Brooks sang called “The Dance”, and in the Lyrics it says I could have missed the pain but I would have had to miss the dance. Unfortunately we have felt the pain. But we didn’t miss the dance.

Thank you all very much,

Todd and Dennie