Rocky Mountain Motocross Association

Join RMXA by Mail

2019 RMXA Membership Application Comming Soon

If you have an RMXA # from previous years, you NEED to put it on the form, or it will be changed to a different one next year!

In order to join the RMXA, you must:

Show current proof of age
*** You must provide a copy of a Birth Certificate or Driver’s License ***

Be a current AMA Member
If you are not an AMA member, you can join using their website by clicking here.

You can download the RMXA membership application using this link:
2019 Application Form Comming Soon
We suggest printing them front-to-back on a single sheet of paper, as this will likely be required before a notary will sign the form. Keep in mind that all application forms, regardless of how you received them, will require a valid notarized signature.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.